Review of "The Hoodoo Shake"


Review From Sound Guardian magazine in Croatia  January 28 2013 
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 The SOME x 6 Band - "Shake The Hoodoo"Author / Moderator: Mladen Loncar - Mike, on 01/28/2013

​Promotion of longtime blues has made ​​his own.On all sides I literally showered with materials that can not wait to promote, that the more people know that they can finally be heard. The SOME x 6 Band is actually a four- blues n 'rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Their abum The Hoodoo Shake catering announced on 31 July last year.Since this is a blues n 'rock band not expect pure blues musical expression, but that the vast majority of the songs very much present this unavoidable bluesy flavor, it's true. This feeling is particularly evident in the songs and the running: the titleThe Hoodoo Shake, Look Again, Hey Stranger, Forty Years, The Stomp, Curveball, My Wallet and Breathless . Another story songs in which she feels she pursuit of rock, and they are: The Dancer, All Out Of Love, Number, Shades of Blue and The Edge of Darkness . My top 5 are: Look Again, Curveball, My Wallet and Breathless, and there is, in the end absolutely different story, I feel and hear in songs Jazzy Hippy . Hoodoo The Shake is an album that resonates so powerfully music that this band is so sincere presents. They always want to respect honest and sincere intentions musicians. I respect and understand their desire to express what you have inside. The artists are the ones who mapped and converted into tones what we perceive images, or the sense of sight. Important to note is that this is a copyright isključuivo album, all the songs composed by the founder, lead singer and bassist gang Brad Curtis . He is a talented musician, who has so far worked with many famous musicians. In essence the band is based onheavy blues , that indeed there is no doubt that their music is painted bright colors that are so enthusiastically photographed artists such as the legendary Creamovaca, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Since this is about, to me, by now completely unknown band, is pleased to write that I am extremely pleased and surprised in some way recorded individual songs. In a review of the list of songs you'll see that there are those that are not caused 2012th year than in the past. Accordingly, the band changes from song to song, but that does not diminish the true commitment towards those primitive norms when it comes to rock n 'blues music. RECOMMENDATION: If you are willing to explore, if you are not rigid expectations and requirements, if you are open for new names, new albums, and thus solutions for new music, I really do not have to be afraid of waiting, seek and secure your copy of the albumShake The Hoodoo , extremely impressive The SOME x 6 Band . More / thesomex6band

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Editor's Choice Award - The Blues Underground

Most Unique & Original Sounding Album of The Year  2012

If you would have told me that this kind of music still existed, I would not have believed you, but exists it does, and wow what a amazing treat. Now of course some will say that it certainly crosses into more other styles then Blues or even Blues Rock, but never the less, this stuff is the real deal.

With "The Hoodoo Shake", Some X 6 have taken an extraordinary leap forward and have firmly placed themselves in a league all their own, with their totally refreshing and dynamically unique music. Great Music, Really Great Music, From Beginning To End...

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