Brad Curtis and  The SOME x 6 Band ( sometimes six )                                                                   

Brad Curtis : (Vocals Bass)Began playing guitar/bass  and writing songs at the age of 15 yrs, playing in coffee shops, church's, and high school's  around his hometown of Prince George BC until he left for Simon Fraser University in Vancouver BC Canada.  After a lengthy absence from playing and writing, Brad picked up the bass again in 2002 and slowly began writing songs again.  He quickly realized how important playing music and writing songs were to him. In fact , it was everything. Brad is now working on his 4th CD  ! "Like A Sonic Gypsy" is being produced by Ted Tosoff and will be released in 2017.

 Influenced at a young age by Bruce Cockburn , Bob Dylan , John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty,  Deep Purple, Pink Floyd,  Black Sabbath,  The Who, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Nazareth , Brad's writing reflects these influences.

Ted Tosoff : (Guitar)

Multi Instrumentalist Guitar/Bass/Keys/Percussionist Ted has been a current member of the band for 3 years  and is producing  our latest album.  Ted has been writing, playing and producing music  for close to 40 years and always plays in "The Blue Voodoo" " Really enjoying the current lineup of Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band ..the future looks good "

Dave Groves: (Lead Guitar)

Dave has been a current member of the band since  2016. He is featured on the album "Like A Sonic Gypsy 2107 "

Wes Hallam: (Drums)

Wes joined the band in 2015 but also played with the band  in 2012. We plays the drums on the 2012 recording of "The Hoodoo Shake". He is also the feature drummer on the album "Like A Sonic Gypsy 2017".